Come and meet Tomillo – April 11 –
OPEN HOUSE. Learn more about the work we do to support young people to boost their growth and employability!
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The Community of Madrid visits Orienta+ project
Person-centered guidance and accompaniment
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Do you offer internships in your company to talented young people?
We are looking for you!
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Vocational Guidance Days
How do Tomillo students face a job interview?
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Microsoft and Tomillo Foundation
collaborate to train young people in cloud computing technology
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A new Tomillo with 40 years of history
We renewed our image. A new image that represents the evolution and blossoming of the young people we accompany.
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In Spain…
30.7% of young people are unemployed
Help them to train
Digital Transformation
Digitalization for greater social impact
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Numbers count
The Tomillo Foundation has accompanied
people in vulnerable situations
People accompanied in employment
Children received school support
Youth in healthy leisure programs
Young people received training
Families served
Accompanied entrepreneurs
If you want to know more, you can download our report:
Report 2022.pdf
26 MB
If you want to know more, you can download our report:
Report 2022.pdf
26 MB

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I didn’t like studying and the Tomillo Foundation has made me see that I can trust myself, it has improved my self-esteem and now I want to continue studying.
Basic Vocational Training
Tomillo has changed my life and that of many of my classmates because it has given us the joy of continuing our studies and knowing what we want to do in life.
FP Básica
One of the subjects that I liked the most was transversal competencies. Knowing how to manage our emotions has enriched me a lot on a personal level. It is as important as the technical part of our training.
Personal Digital Beauty Consulting
You arrive at Tomillo with no direction, you don’t know what to do and everything is new but, suddenly, the teachers guide you…. We were a lot of kids with a lot of problems because they told us: you’re not going to make it, you haven’t even finished ESO. To demonstrate that you can move forward, that you can… That is too much.
FP Medium Grade Computer and Networking
I got to know Tomillo Foundation through the supervised apartment where I used to live. In addition to training me professionally, the professors helped me to move forward personally.
Hospitality and Basic Vocational Training
I can only thank Tomillo for the effort you put in so that people like me can once again find enthusiasm and motivation to study.
Alumni Tomillo
One of the most important things we do in Tomillo is to give tools to boys and girls who do not find their place in their community to develop their full potential.
She started in Tomillo when she was 12 years old and today she is an educator at the Service for the Integral Attention to Children in Usera.
I dreamed of having a dental clinic in Spain and Tomillo has helped me develop the business plan I needed to start. Thanks to your guidance, I have succeeded.
Entrepreneurship program


Vocational guidance: Best practices day for professionals

For Tomillo, Vocational Guidance is a strategic line understood as a process of socio-educational accompaniment that allows young people to learn about their motivations, talents and vocations. As a fundamental aspect of the Foundation’s work, we held the III Conference of good practices for professionals next Thursday, April 18 from …

Come and meet Tomillo – April 11th

Once again this year, we open the doors of Fundación Tomillo so that you can get a closer look at the work we carry out accompanying young people to promote their growth and employability . The event will be held at the Tomillo Carabanchel Center. On Thursday, April 11, between …

“We need women’s vision in technology.”

Carla Escobar, programmer “El Talento Digital + Buscado”. Carla is a young 32-year-old publicist who decided to take the leap into technology through “El Talento Digital + Buscado”, a project we developed together with Factoría F5 and the Employment Agency of Madrid with the aim of training young people in …

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