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Our impact in 2020

  • 1.610

    Children received academic support

  • 777

    Supported families

  • 165

    School centers

  • 330

    Companies collaborate

  • 897

    Youth trained

  • 1.133

    People received counselling and job placement guidance

  • 247

    Found a job

  • 411

    Entrepreneurs attended

  • 39

    New business supported

  • 53

    Mentoring relationships

  • 234


  • 340


  • 272

    Students Volunteering

  • 7.356

    Hours of service to the community

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Tomillo’s people

  • Iker Casillas

    Iker Casillas

    Tomillo’s friend

  • Nora Arenas

    Nora Arenas

    PCPI student

  • Conchi Corona

    Conchi Corona

    Job placement contact

  • Manolo Iturbe

    Manolo Iturbe



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