Employment Accompaniment

We promote access to employment and entrepreneurship.

We are a job placement agency.

Our intermediation department manages job offers from companies to facilitate the insertion of people in vulnerable situations. In addition, we accompany and advise people in search of employment through our socio-labor orientation program.

We help people to know their true vocation and their competencies in order to boost their personal and professional development.

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We accompany entrepreneurs in the start-up of their business. We support them with training, advice and mentoring to turn their idea into a successful career opportunity. We also encourage entrepreneurship among Vocational Training and Employment Training students through specific training to teach them about other employability opportunities.

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Aspects to consider when looking for a grant for your venture in Spain

When embarking on a new business project in Spain, the search for subsidies is an attractive option for financing its start-up or growth. However, it is essential to approach this process with a balanced perspective, recognizing that grants are a complementary component in any entrepreneur’s financial picture. Below, we will …

We continue to explore the full potential of LinkedIn

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Process of how to hire a family member, if you are SELF-Employed

When a freelancer needs personnel and decides to hire a family member, the simplest and most profitable way is the legal form of the collaborating freelancer. What is a freelance collaborator? Is an immediate family member who is economically dependent on and employed by the self-employed owner. This rate applies …