40 years accompanying young people to enhance their growth and employability

Employment Accompaniment

We promote access to employment and entrepreneurship.

We are a job placement agency.

Our intermediation department manages job offers from companies to facilitate the insertion of people in vulnerable situations. In addition, we accompany and advise people in search of employment through our socio-labor orientation program.

We help people to know their true vocation and their competencies in order to boost their personal and professional development.

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We accompany entrepreneurs in the start-up of their business. We support them with training, advice and mentoring to turn their idea into a successful career opportunity. We also encourage entrepreneurship among Vocational Training and Employment Training students through specific training to teach them about other employability opportunities.

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Come and meet Tomillo – April 11th

Once again this year, we open the doors of Fundación Tomillo so that you can get a closer look at the work we carry out accompanying young people to promote their growth and employability . The event will be held at the Tomillo Carabanchel Center. On Thursday, April 11, between …

We are looking for committed companies that offer internships to Tomillo students.

One more year, we open the period to invite companies interested in offering internships to students of Vocational Training and Employment training programs that we are developing in Tomillo Foundation. If you are a company committed to youth in vulnerable situations. If you believe that providing opportunities can break the …

Countdown to the start of your internship!

April is a key month for the young men and women of Tomillo: they begin their internships in companies after finishing their time in the Vocational Training classrooms. With a view to this imminent moment, the Tomillo Hotel and Catering School has today become a meeting point for companies, students …