Improving employability

If you are unemployed and need support to improve your employability or to find a job, we can offer you our services of orientation and labor intermediation.

Basic Vocational Training is the educational stage with the highest school failure rate in the entire system: 35% of the students enrolled drop out before completing their first year of studies.

Our Impact in 2022

Job offers managed
Companies have been contacted
People found employment
People accompanied in accessing employment
Where we are

Socio-labor orientation:
Padul Street, 16 – 28041 Madrid
Telephone: 91 392 04 40

How to get there:
Subway: San Fermín – Orcasur
Renfe Cercanías: Orcasitas

Orientation for employment

It is important to explore your interests, strengths, skills and abilities in order to enhance them, as well as those in which there is a challenge to improve.

At the same time, we will improve your knowledge of the possibilities offered by the world of training and/or employment, selection processes, tools and search channels: preparing a resume, where to look for a job and/or training, overcoming job interviews. If necessary, we can support you with training in the use of new technologies.

Knowing and strengthening your competencies and vocations, you will be able to make decisions regarding your professional/labor future and develop yourself in your search for employment or professional opportunities in an autonomous manner, having incorporated those things you want and have, with the possibilities of the labor market.

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Labor Intermediation

The Tomillo Labor Intermediation Service acts as a Placement Agency No. 1300000009.

Facilitates job placement through intermediation between individuals and the business sector. In this way, it facilitates the companies’ selection tasks, attending to the professional profiles they demand and mediating between companies and candidates, managing the offer, pre-selecting candidates from our prepared projects and carrying out a subsequent follow-up in the position. This intermediation service provides significant added value in terms of profile matching, agility in the management of the selection process and specialization, and is free of charge.

This service manages the non-working internships in companies of the training courses offered by the Tomillo Foundation.

From this area we offer:
  • Business prospecting.
  • Recruitment of job offers.
  • Management of internships for course students.
  • Selection of candidates for selection processes.
  • Follow-up of processes.

Hire a professional

The added value of our brokerage has the following components:

  • The adequacy of the profiles.
  • Speed in management.
  • Our specialization.
  • The service is free of charge.

If you need a professional we have:

  • Experienced professionals trained in technical and personal skills.
  • Candidate selection service.
  • Subsequent accompaniment .
Professional profiles
  • Secretary
  • Office Clerk
  • Administrative Management Technician (F.P. Intermediate Level)
  • Administrative Accountant
  • Personnel Administrative
  • Telephonist/ Office Receptionist
  • English for commercial management
  • Technician in Computer Systems Operation (F.P. Medium Level) Technician in Microcomputer Systems
  • Technician in management computer applications Technician in network administration Technician in office automation software
  • Network and Systems Security Technician
  • Web programmer.
  • Home or geriatric care assistant
  • Cleaning and housekeeping staff and floor waiter/waitress
  • Office Assistant and Kitchen Assistant
  • Waiter
  • Fresh produce clerk assistant
  • Cashier, stock boy/girl, sales clerk, stock boy/girl, warehouse handler and handler
  • Janitorial, maintenance and gardening
  • Childcare, playground and dining room monitor
  • Broadcast/reception teleoperator
  • Trades (plumbing, electricity, carpentry, hairdressing…)

Are you looking for interns for your company?

Training for employment is one of our core activities. We provide formal and specialized training courses. We have the following profiles for internships:

  • Catering: Cooks and waiters/waitresses of room and bar.
  • IT: Web developers, Cybersecurity.
  • Administration: Specialists in SAP Business One tool.
  • Aesthetics: Professional beauty consultants.
  • Environment: Waste recycling operator.
  • Janitor: Professionals trained in the construction and maintenance sector.

Contact Intermediación Laboral:


Telephone: 91 476 28 64
Address: Calle Padul, 16 – 28041 Madrid
Subway: San Fermin – Orcasur
Renfe Cercanías: Orcasitas


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