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We work in a personalized way with people, taking into account the moment they are in and the objectives they are pursuing. Our priority is to serve the unemployed and young people.

Do you want to start your own business?

Do you have a business idea, need to analyze it and test its viability? Already have a business up and running and need help? Do you need to become self-employed or create a limited liability company and are looking for a free resource? This is your site.

We accompany you with our Integral and Personalized Itinerary, which includes training in entrepreneurship and specific training (digital marketing, sustainability, etc.), individual counseling with business experts, mentoring program, access to financing, and much more.

We will help you develop the technical, entrepreneurial and digital skills to take your project to success.

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We offer courses and workshops on entrepreneurship so that you can prepare and develop as a freelancer.

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Do you want experts to give you a hand with your business?

Have you started a project and it’s not going as well as you had hoped? Do you need help to increase sales and grow your business? The business consolidation “mentoring” program helps you, through volunteers with extensive business experience, who accompany you in your project to consolidate and grow your business.

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Aspects to consider when looking for a grant for your venture in Spain

When embarking on a new business project in Spain, the search for subsidies is an attractive option for financing its start-up or growth. However, it is essential to approach this process with a balanced perspective, recognizing that grants are a complementary component in any entrepreneur’s financial picture. Below, we will …

Process of how to hire a family member, if you are SELF-Employed

When a freelancer needs personnel and decides to hire a family member, the simplest and most profitable way is the legal form of the collaborating freelancer. What is a freelance collaborator? Is an immediate family member who is economically dependent on and employed by the self-employed owner. This rate applies …

Call for Applications for Grants to Industrial SMEs in the Activa Industry 4.0 Program is now open.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism ( MINCOTUR ) and the School of Industrial Organization ( EOI Foundation ) are the promoters of these aids for Industrial SMEs framed within the ‘Programa Activa Industria 4.0’. The main objective of these grants is to support the digital transformation of industrial …