40 years accompanying young people to enhance their growth and employability

If you are a company

Join the more than 100 companies that already trust Tomillo.
How can we collaborate? Learn about the different options and contact us through the form.

In kind: You can collaborate if your company wants to donate current computer equipment, office furniture, etc. in good condition and has the possibility of delivering it to one of our centers.

Economic: If you want to learn more about where the funds go, how to donate and your tax benefits click on the following button.

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We count on you to help us advance as an Entity, based on your professional expertise. Companies are already collaborating with us with legal advice, Talent actions, marketing, etc.

Corporate volunteering

Every year, professionals from important companies trust Tomillo Foundation to carry out corporate volunteering activities.

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Scholarship program

Program under construction.

Internship program

Workplace training or internships are a fundamental pillar of the training itinerary of young people, which connects them directly with the reality in the company, enhances their professional growth and increases their future employability.

Your company can offer this opportunity to young people who are trained in Tomillo Foundation in Vocational Training and Employment Training (microcomputer systems and networks, administrative services, electricity and electronics, hospitality, logistics, IT, health, green jobs, etc.).

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Hire a young person

We have people who are prepared and motivated for employment.

We listen to your needs, we advise you (hiring modalities, incentives and bonuses), we facilitate the pre-selection of candidates for our projects and we accompany you so that the incorporations are a success.

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Do you want to evaluate your impact?

Do you want to conduct a research study to improve your social programs?

We carry out research and evaluation work for non-profit organizations, companies and public administrations.

Examples of work performed:

  • Evaluation of the social impact of the Amancio Ortega Foundation’s scholarship program for young people wishing to study their first year of high school in the USA. o Canada (2015-2020) in collaboration with ECODES.
  • REACTIVA program for the reactivation and reorientation of small companies in the face of Covid-19. Evaluation of results and impact of the Youth Business Spain network program.
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