Ubuntu United Nations

Ubuntu United Nations is a European project that aims to helping to develop the leaders of the future through the Ubuntu methodologya methodology that is based on the importance of the personal development -through training and the improvement of social and emotional competencies – go hand in hand with the sense of communityI am because you are”.

With this philosophy, Fundación Tomillo together with the Ubuntu Leaders Academy of the Padre Antonio Viera Institute, the promoter of the initiative, and partners Artevio y SM Foundation have launched this project within the framework of Erasmus+.

Objectives of the Ubuntu United Nations project
  • Empowering young people as agents of transformation at the service of their communities: promoting the development of socioemotional skills and their leadership capacity.
  • Train trainers in citizenship, dialogue, peace, social justice… to develop conflict resolution skills.
  • To encourage and consolidate the Ubuntu Community through training and the development of a committed action of interaction among all, dialogue and work on a global scale, following the Ubuntu philosophy at the service of the common good.
  • Strengthen the democratic culture and participation of young people through the Ubuntu training methodology.

The partners will develop the project from November 2021 to October 2024.

During this period, nine face-to-face working meetings will be held in the different partner countries (Portugal, Czech Republic and Spain), which will allow consolidating the progress of the work developed, as well as contributing to share the working methods and cultures of the different teams and favoring a common feeling of European construction.

Meeting in the Czech Republic

The purpose of these meetings is to share, discuss progress and decide on the next steps to achieve the project’s objectives and expected results. This is:

  • Ubuntu Digital Network: a platform for sharing project information and at the same time a communication and training tool for participants.
  • Training Manual (UUN Digital Toolkit): a guide to systematize and replicate the Ubuntu method in other centers.
  • Ubuntu United Nations Book: Systematize, collect and publish a set of texts that represent all the reflections, learnings and contributions of the guests and participants involved in the Ubuntu United Nations actions.
  • Ubuntu Method Tutorials: video tutorials that will complement the training and will be developed from the Book and the Training Manual.


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