LinkedIn Resources

How to get the most out of your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network that, with more than 850 million members, connects professionals around the world to help them be more productive and achieve their career goals.

LinkedIn can give you a lot more than you think. It is a network with many resources to generate professional contacts, but it is necessary to be curious, go deep into them and put them into practice.

Here are some resources that will help you get the most out of your LinkedIn; if you know them, improve them and if you don’t know them, get started as soon as possible.

Create newsletters:

LinkedIn has launched a tool whereby any member of the network can create, through their personal profile, newsletters for other users to subscribe to. The main advantage is that subscribers receive a notification via mobile app or email every time you launch a newsletter: no more depending on the visibility that the algorithm decides to give to your publications. With the newsletter, all subscribers will be aware of what you write on LinkedIn to read, comment and share. In addition, every time they open a newsletter, they will also be able to review, if they wish, what content you prepared in previous newsletters. Click on the image and start taking advantage of it.

LinkedIn Live events:

Linkedin Live allows you to have conversations with your market in real time. Nothing more and nothing less. Give lectures, present products and/or services, share success stories, question and answer sessions, etc. With LinkedIn Live videos you will improve interaction with your audience and increase your community by showcasing refreshing content. One more option for your digital marketing strategy. Click on the image to get started and achieve excellent results.

Publish articles:

If you don’t have a blog you can consider your professional profile as your platform to share your ideas and knowledge. From your own LinkedIn profile you have the possibility to write your articles so that your contacts and your community can see it. It is shared in the news feeds of your contacts and followers and sometimes through notifications. Articles can be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, one of the best benefits is that LinkedIn articles rank well on Google.

Create a service page:

If you are a freelancer or you are dedicated in freeland mode to provide services, this LinkedIn option is of interest to you. This is a specific page to show the services you develop, receive customer reviews and from which they can contact you to request proposals. Remember that it is not the same as a company page. It is a free and very powerful tool to generate new customers. Any supplier can ask you for a proposal, even if they are not among your contacts. Interested in activating it in your profile? Click on the image, follow the steps and get the most out of it.