11 new Coders trained in “FrontEnd Web Development” of the TomilloF5 Program

The last edition of the Tomillo F5 “FrontEnd Web Development and Layout” program, which we started last December 13, has come to an end. The objective of the training is to provide participants with the necessary skills, both technical and transversal, for their labor insertion in the current technological sector.

The training is aimed at young people between 16 and 35 years of age, especially those who have not completed their formal post-compulsory education. Also aimed at young people at risk of exclusion or from vulnerable environments.

The training program consisted of 250 technical hours and 80 hours of internships in technology companies. During the training, the trainees were assisted by a technology trainer and a co-facilitator to work with them. areas of competence focused on both job search and adaptation to the technological sector. We highlight learning in Agile methodologies such as Scrum with Lego Serious Play.

Students were encouraged to participate in the hackathon organized by the technology company The Cocktail Tech on February 26, where they teamed up with other coders to solve real professional challenges.

During the technical training period, collaboration with technology companies has been encouraged to provide knowledge of the work operation in the sector. The students visited the company Rastreator, where they received training in HR for the job search as “coder in the company”. The objective is to bring them closer to and accustom them to contact with the professional environment in the technology sector.

For the realization of the training practices (80 h) we have the collaboration of several technology companies. Five of these companies have possibilities for subsequent job placement. Some students have expressed their intention to continue developing their technological training.