150 young people enjoying nature

From August 16 to September 5, 150 children and adolescents enjoy seven days of summer camp in a privileged environment, Navacerrada, in the Sierra de Guadarrama. Tomillo Foundation organizes, with the collaboration of “La Caixa” Foundation, these camps where children from 6 to 18 years old enjoy a week full of leisure activities, adventure, coexistence, challenges and fun.

This natural space of coexistence will not only allow the young people to relax and have fun, get out of their neighborhoods, out of the city, after a complicated personal and school year, but will also contribute to enhance their personal development, learning and making new friends.

Start the day in Navacerrada. The children of the camp are getting up, some sleepier than others. They wake up and gradually go down to breakfast. It’s early, it’s half past eight, but we have to make the most of a long summer day and have a good time. While having breakfast, some are in silence, others are remembering how much fun they had yesterday and others are already thinking about what we will do today.

First thing in the morning, sport in the middle of nature, our particular Olympics and, better early in the morning, with the freshness of the morning. Later the planned activities of the day; today it’s zip line and climbing. Some are nervous because they have never done it before and others, even though they know it, are restless with the adrenaline of adventure activities. What they do not know is what they are going to put into play, but their monitors do: self-awareness and self-regulation, among other skills, which are basic in this activity. Today there is no swimming pool, which is one of the activities that we like the most, since we spend the whole morning unloading adrenaline in the multi-adventure activities.

After lunch, a necessary rest to regain strength and continue facing the challenge of the day and the afternoon activities, now more relaxed. Here we will put into play competencies such as teamwork, challenge resolution, empathy… The perfect formula to learn and enjoy.

A little time to talk with the family and a well-deserved dinner. In the evening we joined together to enjoy a summer cinema, in this case in the living room, because it is too cool to be outside. We go to bed exhausted, with a smile on our faces and thinking that tomorrow another unforgettable day awaits us.