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2018 Solidarity Insurance Award

The Tomillo Foundation receives the 2018 Solidarity Insurance Award for the educational project “Grow happy in family”.

The Solidarity Insurance Awards are a reflection of the social and solidarity commitment of the Spanish insurance sector, which, among other initiatives, shows its support and support to those who have less, to those who need it most, in an attempt to alleviate social inequalities and needs of the most disadvantaged in our society. The Solidarity Insurance Awards have been promoted since 2001 by INESE.

The “Growing up happy in family” program works together with children from 6 years old and their parents, developing parental skills so that children have a positive family environment for their development, stimulation and early schooling.

The program aims to ensure that 125 children from 4 districts of the Community of Madrid, with a high degree of vulnerability: Usera, Puente Vallecas, Carabanchel and Villaverde, have the same opportunities as the rest of the children of the Community of Madrid.

The program is an experiential learning, begins with the AWARENESS Phase, modifying the visible behaviors and habits to deepen later in the CAPACITY Phase, the most entrenched structures of family dynamics, reaching the CHANGE Phase, generating transformation, experiencing positive changes in family life and guaranteeing early schooling.

All the most important life lessons are made by playing during the first stage of life (from 0 to 6 years old). Hence the importance of the games during this age group and allowing children to explore freely. (Francesco Tonucci)