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25N – Girls and boys participate in workshops to raise awareness against gender-based violence

No excuse! is the slogan chosen this year by the United Nations to celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25.

And this is what we have experienced during the workshops on the prevention of gender violence that we have held these days with the children and adolescents with whom we work in the Support for School Success programs. The activities have been carried out in collaboration with the Ana Bella Foundation, an organization that works for the construction of an egalitarian society free of violence.

These awareness-raising activities, always adapted to the age of the participants, are very important and necessary exercises to raise awareness of equality among children. On the one hand, the younger children have worked on dismantling traditional gender roles through play and analysis of animated films and reflection. The older ones have worked on identifying the signs of abuse, how to develop healthy relationships and learn how to help others who are immersed in violent relationships.

In addition, everyone imagined new models of being a man and a woman in order to build another possible world, where equality is a real and effective value!

This program, which is supported by La Caixa Foundation, provides comprehensive care for children through educational reinforcement, psychological support, accompaniment to families and the promotion of healthy leisure activities with values through experiential experiences.