8M – Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we want to give a voice to the young women who participate in our programs, because they are the protagonists of this day.

Fahima, a student of Fundación Tomillo, has a very particular vision of why 8M is represented with the color violet, listen to her:

Laura, a student of the Tomillo Foundation, “being a woman does not determine my future or my abilities”:


In Tomillo Foundation we put young people at the center because our work is to accompany and provide them with tools, but they are the ones who have the ability to change their destiny and break the legacy of poverty.
A heredity that, in many cases, is marked by the place of birth, but is aggravated by being born a woman.

Registered unemployment by sex and age


Unemployment rate by sex in the districts where we work


How we work on equality in Tomillo Foundation

At Fundación Tomillo we work to offer vulnerable young people opportunities that change lives through education, because we know that there is a strong relationship between lack of education, lack of employment and poverty, so we accompany young people in their personal and professional development by focusing on education.

We believe in equality between women and men, which is why, in addition to applying a gender approach to all our programs, we develop specific actions:

  • Entrepreneurship: equality capsule. Specific training to work on equality and social economy in entrepreneurship.
  • Social intervention actions in the Los Olivos neighborhood: a program that works with and for women with a low socioeconomic and educational profile to empower them within their family context. Personal development workshops are developed with content related to employment, digital tools, literacy, health, participation in community events, handicrafts, cultural and leisure outings, etc. It also responds to their needs in the area of social action.
  • Studies prepared by the Social Studies and Innovation area: