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Armando tells us about his entrepreneurial experience

“I am Armando Moya, my dream is already a reality, I have managed to set up my own business: a 24-hour mechanical emergency workshop. It is located in Alcalá de Henares.

I had many reasons to become an entrepreneur, but one of them was that when I became unemployed and, being entitled to unemployment benefits, I saw the possibility of starting my dream, which had always been to have my own mechanic’s workshop.

After working for several workshops and companies for 14 years, and having enough experience in the motor world, I thought it was a good opportunity to use that knowledge in my own project.

The biggest obstacles I had to overcome were the processing of the business license, the high rental prices of the available warehouses as well as the machinery and tools I needed for the start-up.

The main support I received was the accompaniment, training and individual counseling I received thanks to the Tomillo Foundation. The advice I give to new entrepreneurs is not to give up in the face of obstacles and to pursue their dreams because to want is to be able to and Tomillo Foundation helps us to achieve it”.


Mechanical workshop
Polígono Camarmilla, warehouse 22.
Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)
Phone: 637 900 320
E-mail: urgenciasmecanica24hrs@gmail.com

Activity integrated in the project “Entrepreneurship and Integration” financed by the General Directorate for Inclusion and Humanitarian Assistance and co-financed by the European Social Fund.