Artistic mural: Diversity is freedom

The young participants in the “Oportunidad al Talento” program have painted a mural on a wall in the Orcasur neighborhood as the final product of the project they have carried out during this quarter“Fighting Hate Speech – Luchando contra los Discursos de Odio“.

The proposed challenge was to take action against hate speech by creating an artistic mural, through which to raise awareness and convey a message of peace, tolerance, respect, responsibility and interculturality.

The final result has materialized in a 15-meter long mural painted on a wall of the Orcasur Health Center, with high visibility in the neighborhood. “Diversity is freedom”,

The painting has as its central element the message “Diversity is freedom”, written in large letters with various characters created by the boys and girls showing an evolution. Starting with characters that reflect emotions of loneliness, sadness, isolation on the left to cheerful, diverse, happy, bright characters on the right, with a central element, a slide, representing this transition. In this way, a “reading” is made that reflects the necessary change from a reality of isolation and loneliness (when for being who we want to be, we receive hateful words and speeches), to a scenario of diversity, respect, tolerance and freedom (when we can be who we are and celebrate it).

We would like to thank Elisabeth Karin and Guillermo Enforma, two artists specialized in the creation of murals, who worked together with the young people in the program in the design and creation of the mural. We would like to mention the participation of young people from other programs of the Tomillo Foundation who with great enthusiasm have wanted to participate in this initiative, contributing with small details and painting hands to the mural.

We also thank Luisa Padilla, director of the Orcasur Health Center, for her great willingness and interest in collaborating in the project.


The Oportunidad al Talento program has the collaboration of Fundación La Caixa, the American Embassy and Fundación Pelayo.