“Beautify 3.0”, the new online edition of L’Oréal’s “Beautify Your Future” program.

In October we launched ‘Embellish 3.0’, the new online version of L’Oréal’s ‘Embellish your Future’ job placement program. The program seeks to boost the employability of people at risk of social exclusion by training them as professional beauty consultants.

The main new features of the program are the integration of digital skills in its content plan and the launch of an online edition in addition to the on-site edition, which expands to Andalusia, Castilla la Mancha and the Valencian Community.

Future professionals are receiving, for the first time, training related to areas such as ICT (information and communication technologies) with specific sessions oriented to disciplines such as digital content creation and multimedia, CANVA, web development or virtual counseling, among others. The rest of the classes are focused on topics such as customer service at the point of sale, the development of commercial competencies focused on retail or the history of beauty, among others. We highlight the collaborative nature of the project in which students receive high quality and specialized masterclasses by L’Oréal professionals.

The program has a total of 280/300 teaching hours of which 38% are related to beauty content and business skills, 27% are digital skills and 38% are practical, in addition to integral accompaniment and transversal competencies.

It is a a living program that is updated and adapted to the needs of the labor market and the participants. We thus move forward in the expansion and digitalization of this initiative which, since its launch in 2016 by the hand of the Tomillo Foundation, has trained almost 400 students, with an employability rate of over 70%.