Brushstrokes of creativity and color to end the course

The group of children participating in Usera’s comprehensive child care service program have carried out a striking activity of artistic expression that has concluded with a spectacular art exhibition in style.

In this program we accompany children and young people in difficult situations to achieve their social integration and autonomy, promoting the development of their personal, cognitive and socialization skills in the family, school and social contexts.

Art is emotion and, as such, a powerful tool for working with children on emotional awareness. For this reason, we combine educational reinforcement activities with various leisure activities, including art and artistic expression.

Each child has selected the work of a well-known artist to interpret and capture it on a blank sheet of paper. The works have been chosen based on their preferences and drawing skills. In addition, they have taken into account the type of image according to the theme: country landscapes, water, portraits, still lifes, abstract figures… They have also been free to choose the technique they wanted to use (watercolor, drawing with paints, colored paper, felt-tip pen, etc.).

Alba, 9 years old, studying 3rd grade, has drawn “Almond Blossom” by Vincent van Gogh.

The result has been spectacular, exceeding expectations, even the young people themselves have been surprised. They are very proud and motivated with the final result. Most of them, at first, felt incapable of capturing the drawing on white paper and after the process they have been surprised by their artistic abilities. Undoubtedly, it has been a real experience of self-improvement.

They have even been encouraged to design and decorate the frame. Also here each one has chosen how he/she wanted to design it and what would be the technique and materials to be used (plasticine, colored paper, glitter…). Art allows them to experiment, rediscover themselves, express themselves in a different language and develop their potential and creativity, becoming the protagonists of their own development.

To give visibility to the works, an exhibition has been organized, each of the plates have been hung next to the photo of the original work and the name of the author. The result is so inspiring that, before the end of the course, the children’s families will be invited so that they can enjoy these wonderful touches of creativity.

Lorena, 10 years old, 4th grade. She has drawn “Me pongo guapa” by Flavita Banana.