Call for Applications for Grants to Industrial SMEs in the Activa Industry 4.0 Program is now open.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (
) and the School of Industrial Organization (
EOI Foundation
) are the promoters of these aids for Industrial SMEs framed within the ‘Programa Activa Industria 4.0’.

The main objective of these grants is to support the digital transformation of industrial SMEs through a series of training and advisory services.

What type of aid does the SME receive?

This call for aid to industrial SMEs consists of training combined with specialized and personalized advice in order to promote the digital transformation of the beneficiary SMEs. It is carried out by organizations and entities with expertise in digital transformation in industry and technologies for Industry 4.0 that have been selected through tenders.

These consulting and training sessions are held at the SME’s headquarters, or remotely, in order to define a digital transformation plan that is appropriate for each SME. Workshops are also held to support the implementation of this plan in business activities.

How can I access the assistance?

The call for applications is open from July 13, 2023. To do so, the forms must be submitted on the official website of the EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial). This application can only be made through this telematic means. The term ends once the allocated budget is exhausted.


  • To be a small or medium-sized company, as a condition. That is, to be recognized as an SME under the criteria established by the Government.
  • The legal form must be self-employed and in Spain. It must be maintained at least for the duration of the subsidized activities.
  • It is also mandatory that they are legally incorporated in the country, as well as registered in the corresponding registry.
  • Be up to date with their tax and Social Security obligations.
  • They cannot have debts for reimbursement of aid or loans with the Administration.

The award will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, click here for more information.

Activity integrated in the project “Entrepreneurship and Integration” financed by the Ministry, Social Security and Migration.