Congratulations to 15 new “Experts in sushi and Japanese cuisine”.

Fundación Mahou San Miguel, the restaurant chain Sushita and Fundación Tomillo have promoted the training of 15 unemployed young people in the hospitality industry with the program “Expert@ in sushi and Japanese food”, a specialty that currently requires a high demand for qualified professionals and offers great job opportunities.

The students have been able to specialize in Japanese techniques and preparations accompanied by the best professionals in this type of gastronomy. The preparation of tempura and sauces, makis, nigiris or specific fish cuts, have been the subjects covered during the 245 hours of training, which has also included real practices in Sushita establishments, which has enabled them to be trained to access a labor market with low unemployment. In fact, 73% of them have already found a job in one of the restaurants of the restaurant group.

On May 4, we held the ceremony for the awarding of diplomas and the closing of the training, some of the participants told us about their experience in the program.

Alba Larralde, 19, has been one of the participants and will soon join the labor market. “This course has allowed us to learn from the best professionals and to have several different points of view. In addition, I especially liked the opportunity to gain work experience, because, for example, I had not worked in this sector before.” notes. Another aspect that stands out is all the knowledge about the art of Japanese food, since “had already taken an international cooking course. Seeing the specialization and uniqueness of the course, and the opportunity to become an expert in Japanese cuisine, I did not hesitate to sign up.”he adds.

Another student, Maicol Herrera, learned about the course through the Internet. With no previous experience in catering and studying computer science, he decided to turn his life around. “I was looking for something to start over and this was a great opportunity. Belonging to the hospitality industry and getting to know it through the internship is something that is in my future plans,” she says.

According to the Director of Fundación Mahou San Miguel, Virginia Luca de Tena, “With this program we want to contribute to the complete training of future professionals in a very specific field. We believe that specialization in Japanese cuisine contributes to open the doors to a job market that currently has many possibilities”.

For her part, Carmen García de Andrés, President of the Tomillo Foundation, points out that “the commitment of entities such as the Mahou San Miguel Foundation and the Sushita restaurant chain in improving the employability of people in vulnerable situations is essential to detect new employment opportunities in the hospitality sector; bringing expert training in sushi and Japanese food to young people and allowing them access to a qualified job that is in high demand in the current labor market”.