Countdown to the start of your internship!

April is a key month for the young men and women of Tomillo: they begin their internships in companies after finishing their time in the Vocational Training classrooms. With a view to this imminent moment, the Tomillo Hotel and Catering School has today become a meeting point for companies, students and the educational center.

A breakfast prepared and served by the students of the Hotel and Catering Department and organized for the purpose of connect Tomillo teachers and students with professionals in the restaurant industry, who will be the tutors in the companies when the students begin their practical training in the kitchen and dining room at the work centers. The internship tutors are a fundamental part of the students’ training, since they are the figure that accompanies them in their first contact with the company, their reference as a professional model.

This meeting has served as an experience for the exchange of good practices, thus reinforcing the Protocol for tutors. The role of the company in the new Dual Vocational Training was also discussed and, in addition, the tutors were able to learn about the work of Tomillo and its students through the testimony of several boys and girls, analyzing together their barriers and potential.

Are you looking for interns for your company?

Event developed in the framework of the Barrier Assessment Lever Activity of the PROA+ 21-23(Program for Educational Guidance, Advancement and Enrichment) funded by the EU-Next Generation Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.