Diving into Talent Opportunity

How has the program been working so far? What type of users did we serve and what services did we offer?

Since its inception in 2018 Talent Opportunity has been proposed as a 3-year program of innovation and excellence in educationaimed at young people between 15 and 18 years of age with great potential, good academic performance and talent, but with whose socio-economic circumstances could jeopardize their personal development and their academic and professional future.

The program seeks to promote the
integral development
development of young people so that they can reach their maximum educational
their maximum educational potential
focusing on the development of
socioemotional competencies and training in global citizenship and leadership.
. The intervention contributes to consolidate the foundations for the development of the
agents of social change
change in their contexts, improving their opportunities for the future and those of their families, becoming leaders in their communities.
leaders and role models for other young people from vulnerable environments.

So far, the program has been carried out by Tomillo Foundation, ensuring the best educational program for academic and professional training and AIPC Pandora, a leading NGO in International Education, ensuring the formation of young people as global leaders.

Oportunidad al Talento is a non-formal education program that implements innovative participatory
innovative participatory methodologies such as Project Based Learning
such as Project-Based Learning, Service-Learning, Global Classrooms, DesignForChange, where it also uses
as a vehicular language. During their time in the program, the young people attend two 2-hour weekly meetings at Fundación Tomillo where the activities of each project are developed. These sessions are conducted by the program’s referent educator and a native American conversation assistant (in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Madrid). They also attend individualized tutoring where they receive socio-affective accompaniment and vocational guidance. In addition, one afternoon a month, they attend the Global Citizenship training workshops organized by AIPC Pandora at Impact Hub Madrid. In addition, during the course, the following activities are carried out
cultural or recreational outings, courses or workshops,
weekend camps and national or international
national or international volunteer activities
during the summer vacation period. At the end of the course, they have the opportunity to accredit their level of English through the
official exams
TOEFL Jr. and/or TOEIC .

The program is very comprehensive and offers young participants the opportunity to maximize their personal, academic, professional and social development.

So far, a total of 39 young people have participated: 18 of them have graduated from the first edition of Opportunity to Talent in 2021 and 21 are currently participating in the second edition of the program,
21 students are currently participating in the second edition of the program, who will graduate in June 2023.

We are in a time of change, what is going to change and how is it going to be implemented?

Fundación Tomillo seeks to contribute to improving the skills and reducing the educational gap of young people in situations of social vulnerability. For this reason, we want to make this program a opportunity for all young people of Tomillo Foundation.The model has been updated to be more inclusive and respectful of diverse academic backgrounds. Motivated by the essence of what today is Oportunidad al Talento, we want this project to respond to those talents in potential; understanding the
such as the ability to be resilient, to have a growth mindset, to set goals and strive to achieve them, to be committed citizens with a global vision, to be a leader and agent of change, to respect, empathy and responsibility towards others in order to have a positive impact on their environment.

On the other hand, our goal is
that more young people have the opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential.
Thanks to the program, we propose to transform it to a 1-year program, so that the impact will be much greater, going from 20 young people every 3 years to 20-25 young people every year. Likewise, for those participants who have demonstrated a high level of commitment, we plan to offer the possibility of continuing in the program for up to one more year if they wish, but keeping a larger number of places open for new members.

Likewise, their participation would not end at the end of the year in the program, but rather, motivated by their personal development and already positioned as leaders and agents of the road, they will have the doors open for to continue its trajectory and social actionThe UBUNTU Leadership Academy, the UBUNTU training for trainers and the ALUMNI project, which is currently under development, are some examples of this.

The project is currently
currently in the design phase
. We hope to be able to implement it in the next course

What is the purpose of this new approach?

The driving force behind this change is the desire to open the doors of the program to young people who are already actively participating in one of the Foundation’s socio-educational programs.
to open the doors of the program to young people who are already actively participating in one of the Foundation’s socio-educational programs and whose motivation and interest in growing, improving and continuing to develop academically and professionally characterizes them.
. We intend that the academic grade should not be an impediment or excluding requirement for access and participation in the project. Of course, in keeping with the essence of Oportunidad al Talento, each participant’s academic situation will be monitored, motivating them to progressively improve in their studies and, above all, encouraging them to
to continue their path to higher education, vocational
vocational training or university.

Another reason we have proposed a change is the desire to have a greater impact on more young people.
to have a greater impact on more young people
. This leads us to rethink the duration of the program. But not only to improve its impact, but also to address a situation that has been repeated in both editions so far implemented and that is that, for some young people, sustaining a 3-year commitment has meant certain difficulties that have prevented their continuity and completion. For this reason, we are considering that the program will last 1 year, with the possibility of extending the participation of some young people for another year, in order to not only have a greater impact from year to year, but also so that they can sustain their commitment and finish their time in the program.

What will be the new user profile?

profile of young people
The project has not undergone major changes. We are looking for young people between 15-25 yearsThe main priority is that they are attending any of the programs of the various areas and centers of Tomillo Foundationwho live in contexts of vulnerability socioeconomic and, above all, that they have a high commitment to their educational process and futurethat they have a large motivation to discover and develop their talents, the interest to become future leaders and agents of changeand who have curiosity and curiosity.

What services will students in the program receive? Does it represent a step forward in the comprehensive intervention we want to offer?

The essence of Oportunidad al Talento in terms of the objectives it pursues and the methodology it implements is maintained. We believe that the best way to promote the integral development of young people is through an educational program of excellence in which the following are implemented active, participatory and experiential methodologies through which the 4 axes currently being worked on (personal, academic-professional, social and cultural-creative) are addressed. Likewise, the English will continue to be a strong point of the program, enhancing the oral and written communication skills that are in high demand in today’s academic and working world. The training of participants in
global citizenship and leadership
will be developed through
Service-Learning and Social Entrepreneurship projects, and we are also working on the possibility of connecting the project with the Leadership Academy.
and we are also working on the possibility of linking the project with the Leadership Training Academy
The program is fully aligned with the competencies and values it seeks to promote. The spaces for
individualized tutoring
and vocational
vocational orientation

The greatest advance in the intervention is perhaps not so much in the services offered as in the openness and impact of the program.
openness and impact of the program
. The implementation of Oportunidad al Talento over the past 4 years has demonstrated how young people have benefited from the program’s experiences and how they have been enriched by them. The step we want to take is that more young people with diverse backgrounds will also have the opportunity to benefit and develop through this project.

Can Tomillo professionals refer users? What are the requirements and procedures to enter the program?

The dissemination process and call for proposals is still in the preparatory phase. We intend to disseminate the project and open the call for proposals to the entire Foundation, in order to that professionals from different programs, areas and centers of Tomillo can identify, in the young people they work with, the potential and talent that responds to the profile sought and propose them as candidates.. We are also motivated to be able to informing the young people themselves about the project to awaken their interest and curiosity in the program, so that the demand and motivation to participate may arise from them. In these meetings we would also like young people who have participated in other editions of the program to share their experience, there is nothing better than hearing first-hand testimonies from boys and girls of the same age.

Once the project is underway, we will inform you of the call dates, participant requirements and access procedures.

Currently, Oportunidad al Talento has financial support from Fundación La Caixa, financial support and volunteer participation from Fundación Pelayo and with the collaboration of the U.S. Embassy in Spain and Andorra, which provides support in the form of a native conversation assistant.