Do you know the benefits that LinkedIn offers you to promote your business?

Are you looking for new customers, get more visibility online and promote your brand? Then you need to discover the potential of LinkedIn and all the resources and opportunities it can offer you to promote your business.

It’s no wonder LinkedIn is the social network that, with more than 850 million members, connects professionals around the world to help them be more productive and achieve their work goals.

If your thing is the “entrepreneurial spirit”, you have a business or you dedicate yourself in freeland mode to provide services, LinkedIn is also of interest to you, and very much so. The web offers you resources to promote your company: give it more online presence, find potential customers, show that you are good at what you do, create communities and keep you informed.

It can be an excellent tool for our business and provide us with benefits that will have a positive impact on our project. We highlight some of the most important benefits of LinkedIn for an entrepreneur:

  • Create a network of quality contacts.
    Through LinkedIn we can contact all kinds of professionals and create a network of quality contacts with people in our industry.
  • Enhance our brand.
    With LinkedIn we can enhance our brand and make it known through the updates we publish and the groups in which we participate. It is essential to create a correct online reputation in line with our company’s philosophy.
  • Advertise our products or services.
    In LinkedIn profiles we can create links to videos and presentations of our company so that they can be viewed by people who visit our profile or that of our company.
  • Search for employees.
    Powerful tool for both job search and employee search. We can learn about each candidate’s experience before making a hiring decision, their skills and see recommendations from people they have worked with.
  • Create a communication channel with our customers and suppliers.
    In many occasions, both LinkedIn and other social networks are used as a communication channel with customers and suppliers. These are new ways of handling customer and supplier queries and complaints more quickly and directly.
If what you need is to generate new clients, a powerful resource is Create a services page“, we tell you what it consists of.

This is a specific page to show the services you develop, receive customer reviews and from which they can contact you to request proposals. Remember that it is not the same as a company page. It is a free and very powerful tool to generate new customers.

Any supplier can ask you for a proposal, even if they are not among your contacts. Interested in activating it in your profile? Click on the image, follow the steps and get the most out of it.

With these simple keys you can improve your presence on Linkedin and start taking advantage of its wide possibilities.