Do you know the FEVOCAM Corporate Volunteering Guide?

Yesterday we participated in the presentation of the Corporate Volunteering Guide of FEVOCAM (Platform of Volunteering Entities of the Community of Madrid), where we also talked about the importance of social transformation in corporate volunteering and volunteering experiences.

The Corporate Volunteering Guide is a digital tool, an interactive, lively and accessible resource that will bring us closer to the world of corporate volunteering from a practical perspective and is committed to social change.

For approximately two years, the working group, led by the Corporate and Corporate Volunteering Department, has been working on its design, recognizing the need to create an interactive resource that promotes transformational corporate volunteering, involved and committed to our current context.

Belén Gómez Penalonga, from the Tomillo Voluntary Participation team, presented within the space Experiencias de Voluntariado Corporativo, the volunteer project ‘Luces y Acción! Walking to the youth employability through energy efficiency’ in which Iberdrola and Fundación Tomillo have been collaborating since 2011. This project works on technical skills, according to the student’s profile, transversal skills (such as communication, teamwork, conflict resolution…).

Here you have access to the Guide, where you will find useful and diverse information that will bring you closer to the world of corporate volunteering, from a practical perspective.

Access: Guide to Corporate Volunteering – FEVOCAM