40 years accompanying young people to enhance their growth and employability

Do you know what job insertion itineraries are?

It is nothing new that unemployment is one of the major problems we are facing in Spain, in fact, unemployment is one of the main problems we are facing. Spain continues to be one of the EU countries with the highest unemployment rate, 12.8% and 29.5% for those under 25 years of age. In addition, these figures soar when not having completed compulsory education or having a low level of education.

One of the solutions to reduce these figures are the insertion itineraries. In Tomillo Foundation we are currently developing a program of Accompaniment to Employment for people with employability difficulties, through 60 insertion itineraries, with the collaboration of La Caixa Foundation.

Do you know what labor insertion itineraries are?
The itineraries consist in defining individual plans of actions to improve the competences of access to the labor market for people with employability difficulties.

The process, which lasts about 6 months, begins with a series of individual interviews in which we inform the participants about the project, the level of commitment required and the support they will be able to find. We assess the needs through a comprehensive employability diagnosis (labor, social, personal, family, health status, etc.), which is agreed between the participant and the counselor, specifying the Individual Plan to improve employability.

This employability diagnosis is based on obtaining information on all the areas that impact on the person in order to have a global vision and detect areas of improvement and strengths from which to work and adjust a realistic and viable itinerary.

As part of the socio-labor orientation itineraries, all those who participate in them are referred to our labor intermediation department, in order to increase their chances of insertion and as a support for hiring, thanks to our close contact with loyal companies.

Tomillo Foundation is part of the INcorpora Network, in which we collaborate with other social entities specialized in specific groups and which also act as insertion companies. Within this network we share offers on a recurring basis in order to be able to respond to the companies with which we work.

In addition, training actions and group workshops on personal and technical skills for employment and self-employment are incorporated. Its goal is to favor the identification and development of professional competencies, as well as the development of knowledge and specific tools for job search and increased employability.