Emotional delivery of scholarships, in the form of instruments, for the young people of the School of Musicality.

After six intense months of the program, the participants in the School of Musicality have received a well-deserved scholarship in the form of pianos and guitars so that they can practice with their instruments at home, thanks to the generous contribution of a donor family who is sensitive to generating training opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

With the delivery of the pianos and guitars, they are allowed to practice at home everything they see in class: harmony, musical language, composition and improvisation. In addition, their confidence and autonomy will be greatly enhanced, since they will be able to practice repertoire and music theory with the support of the instrument.

The program, in partnership with the School of Musicality, is a school of modern music, an educational and musical space that aims to awaken and maintain the desire to learn music and play in a group. The students’ communication, concentration, listening, creativity, joy and self-esteem skills are strengthened, and the truth is that thanks to music they also acquire other types of emotional, cognitive and intellectual skills.

Currently, in the Root itinerary, we are reaching its final phase and it is characterized by an important improvement in the preparation and exhibition of repertoire, greater knowledge in harmony contents and, above all, the improvement and autonomy in their learning, to the point that the young people are already able to work on repertoire by themselves and have begun to read and play scores.

For the last three months we have also had the Nearpod platform: this platform allows students to continue working with their instruments and the model in their free time, the didactic and pedagogical material with which we have been working on the Root itinerary. Being able to do it again and work on it autonomously helps them in their significant learning and enables them to better internalize the contents worked on during the sessions.

In addition, to the School, seeing the reports and reports that the platform offers us on the performance of their tasks and activities, allows us to evaluate their learning and model the following classes.

The most important thing is that, with the tools we offer them in the classes and on the online platform, they can continue to develop autonomously with the instrument and musicality.

A space to promote the musical and human potential of the students.
“Playing an instrument, a gift for life.”