Experiences beyond the classroom: What if we left the classroom?

What do we mean when we talk about providing opportunities for young people? To bring experiences to the students that make them get to know new realities different from what they see and live in their day.

Experiences such as this one shared by our colleague and Physical Education teacher at the Tomillo Foundation, Miki Rubio, who brought a new sporting practice to the students of Basic Vocational Training.

“More than 50 students from the 2nd year of Basic Vocational Training in the profiles of Electricity, Computer Science and Administration exchanged a day in the classroom for a day in the ring and were able to enjoy an authentic boxing class in the wonderful space created by the teacher Giovanni Jaramillo in the heart of Carabanchel, the Giovanni Jaramillo Boxing Club.

This break in the routine of the classes has been a great experience for the students, a break in their study day and the pleasure of discovering something new. There are many people who, once initiated in this sport discipline, preach without mincing words that it changed their lives, that it took them out of dark paths and, in short, that it did them a lot of good.

Giovanni Jaramillo, a professional boxer with countless titles and mentions behind him, is a true ambassador of the authentic values that boxing represents: respect, humility, courage and honor.

During the class, the young men and women were able to learn some of the basic boxing moves such as guarding, moving, jabs, hooks, etc. They climbed into the ring, put on their gloves, bruised their knuckles, hit the bag and kept questioning what it was stuffed with? laughed, sweated and, above all, enjoyed discovering.

Words from Pablo, Josema and Noah, from the 2nd year of Basic Vocational Training: “We have been treated with great affection, very interesting, with a desire to continue, very professional, very dynamic, I have been left wanting more…”.

By: Miki Rubio
Physical Education Teacher at the Tomillo Foundation