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First pilot of entrepreneurship in the classroom

We have implemented the first pilot of the new project “Entrepreneurship in the Classroom”. 20 students, 90 hours of work and a common goal, to transform and energize our community in the Orcasur neighborhood.

Under this slogan, in February 2019, the Entrepreneurship Program together with the Regulated Training team, we started a journey aimed at motivating the entrepreneurial spirit in the students of the Middle Grade Administrative Management Vocational Training. We have already arrived at our destination and have met with true entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of life.

Through the development of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of transformation (economic, financial, social) we wanted to promote collective creation, intervention and inclusion in the community of young people.

Through the challenge of entrepreneurship in the neighborhood:

  • We encourage the exchange with relevant actors and the social network.
  • We promote knowledge about the logic of production, distribution and consumption chains, motivating the social and solidarity economy.
  • We provide training in economic and financial issues, ethical financing alternatives and, in complex contexts of instability, microfinance and the management of resources and people.
  • We train in social intervention and change through action, we work on SUSTAINABILITY as a transversal concept.

If you would like to know what the results of this trip were or if you are interested in replicating this model in the classrooms of your institute or organization, please contact us at emprende@tomillo.org.