Future Proof Your Career Project Progress

The Tomillo Foundation continues to participate in the European project Future-proof your Career, which aims to design, develop and implement a guidance framework based on the identification of transversal skills, to ensure the professional itineraries of people in vulnerable situations and facilitate their future employability.

This forward-looking career guidance framework will help guidance professionals to develop quality career paths for people excluded from the labor market, ensuring their inclusion in a technological and digitized world of work.

It will also help unemployed people in vulnerable situations to understand and become aware of the key competencies essential for a future job market. These competencies underpin the ability to adapt and change to the demands of technology in the workplace and are important for the improvement of competencies in initial and continuing vocational training.

During the last meetings we have made fundamental decisions regarding the structure of the Future-proof your Career platform, exploring further the competencies to be included in the platform and how to assess them.

You can access the research report or other information about the project at