Graduation of the First Class of Oportunidad al Talento

It was time to close the first edition of Oportunidad al Talento. A project that took its first steps in September 2018, designing a project-based learning itinerary with social impact for talented young people with a commitment to their own training path. None of us imagined the success and impact this project would have on the lives of 20 young people and their families.

To gain access to the program, the young people go through a demanding selection process in which they demonstrate their commitment to their own learning process and personal growth. In general, they are young people with a good academic record from the areas of Usera, Vallecas and Villaverde who are eager to discover the world around them; its challenges and opportunities. The project is carried out jointly with AIPC Pandora.

In these three years of project-based learning, English classes, vocational orientation and personal growth, the boys and girls of Oportunidad al Talento have grown and developed their ideas, starting with self-knowledge and the strengthening of their own self-concept. They are now young people with analytical and decision-making skills and with the strength and competencies to create their own path as leaders in their social environment.

They have had the opportunity to participate in international and national volunteer work, which, together with the topics covered during the course, has allowed them to become global citizens. 18 girls and boys aged 17-18 after three years (from 4th ESO to 2nd Bachillerato) of intense work and learning, have improved their average grade by almost one point since the beginning, 78% have reached at least B2 in English and all of them are continuing their studies at a higher level.

It is undoubtedly a unique project of socio-educational innovation where evaluation by competencies and emotional support and accompaniment are key to their integral development.

Today, they are the best version of themselves and are ready to face the next stage.

In his own words:

Marta Martín: “OaT has allowed me to live exceptional experiences and together with the knowledge and skills they have given me and the people who have accompanied me in them, I have grown immensely as a person. It has opened previously unknown doors and has given me the resources to reach my goals and contribute to the improvement of our society”.

Adrian Cojocaru: “OaT is helping me to discover. To discover new challenges, new places, people and, above all, myself. Discovering where I want to go and how to help my environment. I am more motivated than ever to create changes in our society to make it more equitable and fair” .

Gloria Lerma: “OaT is essential for me. Thanks to this program I have learned many tools to continue growing in my life, how to achieve my goals, create projects, find my vocation… It has opened the door to fantastic experiences in wonderful places. But above all, it has offered me a family full of exceptional people, a refuge to talk about everything”.