Intergenerational leisure and free time experiences

Can you imagine an afternoon sharing leisure and free time experiences among people from different generations? Well, that is exactly what we have done in Majadahonda’s I+I program. There, children and adolescents have joined people from the literacy and basic training groups of the adult education center of the municipality, to share their experiences of leisure and games during their childhood.

Last week, as part of the comprehensive intervention that we carry out, children and adolescents were able to enjoy, together with people of different ages, this creative relational activity, with the aim of create a space in which to share the various ways of experiencing leisure and free time over time.

The young people were able to express, with the support of visual material they had previously worked on in the classroom, what their main hobbies were, These included, of course, technological games, but also many others, such as sports, handicrafts, music, reading and writing stories.

They also had the opportunity to listen to the childhood experiences of the older children. They explained, amidst amusing and often exciting anecdotes, the games they played with their friends and siblings. They also told them about other aspects of their lives as children, many of them raised in rural environments and with significant material deprivation. All agreed on the importance of knowing how to combine leisure time with training and learning in order to grow as a person.

Despite the great differences between the practices of young and old, they all agreed on one important aspect: the best experiences are those shared with loved ones.

The afternoon ended with a delicious healthy snack, and we were all invited to a future meeting to continue sharing experiences.