Learn about the effect of Emotional Education and Theater of Conscience on School Coexistence.


On June 8, the evaluation results report of the program “En Sus Zapatos: un espacio de empatía activa” (In Your Shoes: a space for active empathy), prepared by Asociación Teatro de Conciencia, was presented.

“In Her Shoes” is a program of Emotional Literacy and Theatre of Conscience for coexistence, aimed at the entire school community. It seeks to prevent violence and bullying, and promotes coexistence by training students from 10 to 14 years old, their teachers, families and non-teaching staff in Emotional Education, through play and theater. Using a proprietary methodology that stages emotions, called Theater of Consciousness.

The document, prepared by Asociación Teatro de Conciencia based on the evaluation reports developed by the MEANS Evaluation Team, is the product of the synthesis of the main results of the evaluation of the Program, implemented in 23 schools in the Community of Madrid during the 2019-2020 school year. It is based on the evaluation conducted by the MEANS Team, led by Juan Andrés Ligero, professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid, in collaboration with the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), the INEE (National Institute for Educational Evaluation) of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of the Government of Spain and the Area of Studies and Social Innovation of the Tomillo Foundation.

The purpose of the document is to synthesize the main results of the evaluation, which are the result of the analytical and interpretative efforts of the team of evaluators, so that it can be consulted by any person or institution interested not only in the impact of the Theater of Conscience program ”En Sus Zapatos”, but also in the impact of the program. on the impact of programs that improve school coexistence through emotional literacy using theater.

These are some data from the report:

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