40 years accompanying young people to enhance their growth and employability

Meeting to share experiences and learning among Tomillo volunteers.

The International Volunteer Day is celebrated every year on December 5. Around this date, in Tomillo Foundation we have organized a meeting and video forum with the active volunteers in our activities with the aim of recognizing the work of those who collaborate with their time and talent in everything we do, either from direct intervention with children and young people in vulnerability or supporting from central services. But we also wanted to take advantage of the day to reflect as a group. The tool used for this was the documentary film “Human” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, which gathers moving testimonies and beautiful images and raises powerful questions.

The conference, opened by Ángel Serrano Almodóvar, general director of the Tomillo Foundation, and facilitated by Belén Gómez Penalonga, head of the volunteer program, was held as part of the “Voluntareando” project financed by the Madrid City Council’s Social Policies, Families and Equality Department.

It addressed important issues such as the importance of looking at others without prejudice, connecting through respect and looking at them face to face and not from above. We cannot give something that we are not or do not have; the final step in this personal process is to give back to society something of what we receive. Ideas about the importance of working as a team, networking and taking care of each other also emerged in the sharing. We left the meeting with enthusiasm and concrete proposals to open similar spaces for joint work throughout the year and possible new ways to do so.