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Melany, the first student from Tomᨠto obtain the Google Professional Certificate

“This course is a great opportunity to redirect my career to the world of technology, I have been working in hospitality for 7 years and I wanted to give a new twist to my life”.

Melany is one of 80 people selected by the Tomillo Foundation to increase their IT training, with INCO Academy technology, and to expand their career opportunities thanks to the support of Google.org and Coursera.

This project, in which the Tomillo Foundation is participating by training 80 young people, is part of a program created by Google.org to promote equitable access to IT careers for

9,500 vulnerable people in 17 European countries.

In the new post-COVID19 world, it is more important than ever to upgrade and reskill people for the economies of the future. With IT-related jobs dominating the top 10 fastest growing jobs in Europe and 1 in 5 EU companies looking to hire IT specialists, the need to upgrade and retrain is more critical than ever.

With the support of Google.org and Coursera, the program INCO Academy – Work in Tech joins forces with organizations in 17 countries in Europe to create pathways to greater socioeconomic stability for 9,500 people on the hard side of the labor force divide.

Tomillo Foundation has launched the Work in Tech program to provide a totally free professional certification and a launch pad for an IT career for 80 young people in Madrid.

As an implementing partner of the Work in Tech program, the Tomillo Foundation is responsible for following up with all enrolled individuals through designated tutors. These tutors are in charge of guiding the learning process and solving any difficulties that may arise. In addition, they have an online learning community to support them in the course of the training. This community is very important, since they share the achievements and difficulties that arise in the training, new bonds are generated and different skills are put into play.

Students participate in collaborative workshops where, through group dynamics, they can acquire key transversal skills to work in the IT sector and highly demanded in the labor market, in this way they enjoy the process, sharing it with people with the same concerns, in search of opportunities for personal and professional development.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will earn a Google Certificate, which qualifies them for jobs in high-demand IT-related positions, including systems analyst, support specialist, database administrator, IT technician, computer specialist and more.

About INCO Academy

INCO Academy, part of the global INCO Group, is working to unlock and nurture talent around the world to ensure that everyone can find their place in the future of work.

The INCO Academy – Work In Tech training program aims to propel people from diverse backgrounds, especially those most vulnerable and furthest from work, into high-demand jobs in tomorrow’s emerging economy.
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