Moving forward with LinkedIn’s “Rock Your Profile”.

We made progress in the Linkedin Social Impact program, of which Tomillo Foundation is an official partner in Spain. In the program, professional volunteers give webinars and share mentoring experiences with professionals and unemployed youth to help them boost their careers, empower themselves and reinvent themselves professionally.

On this occasion, María Orta, head of the Tomillo Foundation’s Oportunidad a Talento program, tells us about her experience as a participant in one of the training sessions:

In the program we promote actions that will help people in training and job search to better understand the full potential of this professional community, make the most of their own profile, train themselves with online courses, enhance their personal brand, know how to rely on extracts and validations, get information and inspiration, and master job search tools.

Like Andrés, more than 250 young people have already participated in this new edition of the Social Impact program, in which LinkedIn volunteers share with unemployed young people how to use the tools and resources that the platform offers to position their profiles and boost their careers professionally.