Musical Ensemble in Tiempo Joven

From the Tiempo Joven program we always try to program the activities taking into account the hobbies and references of the participants in order to, from there, awaken new interests and deepen the artistic, social and emotional development of these young people.

This year 2020-21 the challenge was even greater, since we were coming from a situation of social isolation, apathy, emotional discomfort… So the group workshops had to respond to this need to reconnect with others and reconnect with their motivation.

In this evident demand for environments in which to explore, interact and share, we proposed to the participants an evolution for the guitar workshop, thanks to the acquisition of a piano that would allow us to continue in the development of musical competence. The automatic response of the group was exactly what we were looking for in the framework of Tiempo Joven: those who were somewhat familiar with the new instrument, taught their peers with enthusiasm and pride.

Little by little they began to coordinate to try to make both instruments sound simultaneously and harmoniously. It was clear the way forward: with their “rudimentary” musical knowledge, their growing concerns and their desire to do things together, they were clamoring to form a BAND. In this way, the traditional guitar workshop evolved into a shared, horizontal form of peer-to-peer learning: a rock ensemble.

We had microphones, guitars, a piano… We were missing the percussion!!!! The initial idea was, with some inventiveness and recycled material, to create together with the participants a homemade instrument, but from Escuela de Musicalidad, upon hearing our proposal, they offered to lend us a drum set, which Daniel, a drummer dad from the Program, helped us to assemble.

It is not easy to explain the happy faces when they arrived at the Campotejar location that afternoon. During the first two days, guitars and piano ceased to exist, you can imagine… And then the revolution of the workshop began. One day a participant would arrive with printed rhythm sheets, having researched the basics of drumming at home, so he could teach others. Another day, a classmate was teaching another one how to make chords on the piano, so that she could play any chord autonomously… A buzz of new learning built collectively.

Our ensemble is somewhat atypical. First, because their eagerness to learn is such that they do not want to specialize in one instrument, but to learn from all of them. And secondly, because normally to form an ensemble you need some previous musical training, and here we are learning the basics and building songs simultaneously, which greatly fuels their motivation.

Soon we will celebrate our traditional Intercultural Festival, for that day we are preparing two songs, something rockerillos, to show to others. We’ve only been around a short time, and we still have a long way to go before we can be a real rock band, but the process couldn’t be better.