MYTH: If you are young you can’t be an entrepreneur

At Fundación Tomillo we want every young person to have the opportunity to be their best version of themselves and, therefore, we accompany them to promote their growth and employability through an innovative, lively and open model.

LinkedIn believes that two people with similar talent should have equal access to opportunities, and is committed to making this vision a reality through its social impact programs.

Because of these synergies, for more than a year we have been an official partner of LinkedIn’s Social Impact program in Spain and, through corporate volunteering, we share with you resources that, as an entrepreneur, you cannot miss:

The entrepreneur Jesus Hijas participates in a series of live talks to bust myths about youth entrepreneurship. In this first meeting he will talk about whether it is possible to launch a new project as a young person, whether you need a lot of funds and contacts, what people who succeed have in common and how to move an idea from concept to action.

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