40 years accompanying young people to enhance their growth and employability

Neighborhood meeting with the La Ramita program in the Los Olivos neighborhood

Work on coexistence through dance, sports, theater… and in company! This is what we do in Tomillo in Colonia de Los Olivos through the project La Ramita, a program that was created in collaboration with the Social Services of Gallur and neighborhood mediators of the EMVS.

On June 27th, more than 90 people of all ages participated in a meeting that we developed from the program, with the purpose of promoting intercultural coexistence, participation in the development of the neighborhood and promote education and employment of the neighbors of the Colonia.

The program aims to educate in intercultural values through specific actions of sensitivity and to promote the individual capacities of the participants. This way of working provides us with greater coherence in the intervention and a greater impact, reaching where we would not be able to reach individually. The result is improved responsiveness to participants’ needs.

La Ramita is formed by the public and private agents that work in the Los Olivos neighborhood. Social Services, EMVs with their neighborhood mediators and social workers, La Rueca, Acais, representing the Education Service of the Municipal Board, Tomillo Foundation and La Caixa Foundation.