New edition of Opportunity for Talent begins

“For me, Oportunidad al Talento is a place where I can be a better person, express myself, learn about many subjects that are not taught in school and, above all, it is a place where I feel safe and accompanied.
“Aya Arbaoui Rouad – Participant of the 2nd Generation.

The Opportunity to Talent program was born in 2018 with the first generation of 20 young people, graduating in June 2021. Last year we opened a new group of participants and thus started the second edition. Currently, the 21 participants of the second generation of students have begun their second year in the program. In total and to date, more than 40 young people between 15 and 18 years of age, with great potential, good academic performance but with few socio-economic opportunities, have participated.

Oportunidad al Talento is a socio-educational innovation program of the Tomillo Foundation and AIPC Pandora
AIPC Pandora
It is aimed at young people with determination in their life project, but with fewer opportunities due to their socio-economic situation. Its main objective is to empower young people in situations of social vulnerability by promoting their integral development as individuals, so that they are able to reach their maximum educational potential and become leaders within their own realities.

Oportunidad al Talento, inspired by the Go American English! program, has received the collaboration of the U.S. Embassy with a native American conversation assistant; as well as collaborations with Fundación La Caixa, Fundación Pelayo, Fundación Mutua Madrileña, Fundación Verón, Fundación Vinci, Campan Testing Solutions and ImpactHub Madrid.

The first edition of Oportunidad al Talento has been a complete success. 100% of the young people have satisfactorily completed their academic course and continue their journey to higher education. They have become leaders in their communities by developing competencies in citizen participation, specific knowledge of global citizenship, culture of peace and critical thinking. The first ALUMNI meeting was recently held, where the participants of the first generation began to design proposals to continue their participation in the program, today from another place.

The second generation of young people, with great motivation and enthusiasm to continue in the program, has begun its second year in which, through various projects that will involve a great challenge, will enhance socioemotional competencies of self-awareness, empathy, leadership, decision-making, public speaking skills and global citizenship, as well as technical communication skills in English and the use of digital technologies.

In the words of the participants:

“Oportunidad al Talento brought me the best experiences and learning. Every Tuesday and Thursday I am very happy to come to the Foundation, see my friends, learn a lot of things and at the same time learn English. I believe it will help me to have a better global vision and the opportunity in the future to change and make the world a better place.“, Iannis Marian Tudose – 2nd Generation Participant.

“Opportunity to Talent means a lot to me. It’s a new beginning, new friends, new knowledge and new points of view.The program changes your life, you find out who you are, who you want to be and what you will do to get there. It helps us while we help,
Lucía Herrero Caro -Participant of the 2nd Generation.