Osborne Foundation and Tomillo collaborate in the training of young people

Since last year, the Tomillo Foundation and the Osborne Foundation have been collaborating in the organization of training activities for young students of Basic Vocational Training in the field of Cooking and Catering.

During the month of February, Tomillo students received technical training at the Osborne Restaurant in the San Antón Market and traveled to Malpica del Tajo (Toledo) to visit the wineries to learn about the grape harvesting and winemaking process.

The Osborne Foundation’s objectives are to train young people in order to promote their employability, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

During the course, specialized technical training will be given on different topics: Iberian pork, appellation, origin, aging, pieces and cooking techniques, food marinating with Jerez wines, ham slicing, etc.

In addition, Osborne restaurants will host trainees to improve their opportunities for future professional insertion.