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Second edition of the Tiempo Joven-Arte y Cultura Summer Campus


Within the framework of the Summer Artistic Campus, Fundación Tomillo carries out artistic activities and cultural outings that have taken place in and out of the capital city. This year we have had to reduce the groups to comply with regulations, but the quality of the experiences has been the same as always. We share some examples of these artistic encounters:

Teatro Lara “Cádiz” (Madrid): 24 July 2020.

Participants begin to demand artistic-cultural outings, finding in creations such as Cádiz experiential spaces for reflection on themselves and the world, as well as moments to share with their peers, taking the project as a point of support to promote positive processes in their personal trajectories.

A production directed by Gabriel Olivares, one of the most successful stage directors of the last two decades, also known for hits such as the well-known series “El ministerio del Tiempo”. A trio of actors with extensive experience in film, television and theater captained by the media Fran Nortes, who also signs the text, brings to the stage a very current staging about friendship and the recovery of personal and relational values in the midst of a society capable of confusing us when it comes to finding that root.

Cádiz has been another step forward in the closeness and even familiarity with which they have approached, in this case, this contemporary theatrical manifestation. The initiative was also evident in the ease with which they interacted with the theatrical space and the performers, with whom they interacted with great confidence, since after the performance the group of participants had the opportunity to meet and talk about the play with Fran Nortes and Nacho López.


Espacio Corral Cervantes “No hay burlas con el amor” ( Madrid): 30 July 2020.

On July 30 we went to Corral Cervantes with a double purpose. The first was to enjoy the play “No hay burlas con el amor“, a production by Ignasi Vidal with text by Calderón de la Barca, a comedy of love and heartbreak, confusions and schemes in the midst of Madrid in the 19th century. XVII in tone, costumes and current setting, which allows a greater closeness with the masterful verses full of images, metaphors and a vocabulary between everyday and elevated of a Calderón de la Barca always current and to which Vidal puts in relation to its references of the rock of the twentieth century.

The audience had a very high level of concentration and interest for a show that is based on your difficult text, at times philosophical and with a great deal of images and metaphors. In fact, we have been working continuously with texts from the Golden Century, as part of the discovery and learning that the participants experience in the activities we carry out.

The second purpose of the visit was to have the opportunity to get to know closely and visualize the importance of one of the most original spaces of the current scene, the Corral Cervantes, a reproduction of the Corral de Comedias de Almagro, as well as to meet in person the promoter of the project Rodrigo Arribas, President of the Siglo de Oro Foundation, as a similar project and twinned with the Globe Theatre in London.

After the performance they had a very direct and profound exchange with the actor Jesús Teyssiere, with whom they discussed aspects of the staging, the musicality of the verse, as well as the type of texts of the Golden Century with which they have had a relationship and the analysis of their main features, as well as the place of the tomilleros as interested in the arts and as practitioners and researchers of the same.

In addition to the presentation and debate with the actor Jesús Teyssiere, the group was able to meet and exchange opinions in a more informal way with Arribas himself and with the actors David Lorente, Jesús Fuentes, Fernando Gil, Concha Delgado, Alicia Lobo and Roberta Pasquinucci, a cast of great quality that closed with the aforementioned Teyssiere and Pablo Puyol.


Visit to the Collection and artistic installations of the Serna Palace (Ballesteros de Calatrava): 01 August 2020.

And finally, the group of Creators of Tiempo Joven has taken advantage of the great opportunity to visit the Palacio de la Serna, a space that is a work of art in itself. A total creation by the internationally renowned artist from La Mancha, Eugenio Bermejo, who began his career as a painter and sculptor in the 1980s, evolving from figurative art to abstract, conceptual art and even expressionism, following his successful career as a decorator.

In short, it was a total artistic space, a singular and original trajectory of a successful artist whom the group was able to meet in person in the midst of the direct immersion that was being the guided tour that we had the privilege of living from the hand of his son and continuator, Abraham Sánchez Bermejo.

For the group it has been an experience of realization of all the ways that art can have, how it can manifest itself in unsuspected ways and how limitless creativity can lead people who practice it to invent and reinvent their lives through constant work, illusion and self-confidence, even in the most unthinkable circumstances.