Second meeting of the Ubuntu United Nations Project in the Czech Republic

After the first meeting in Lisbon on November 9 and 10, 2021, the partners of the
Ubuntu United Nations Project
Project partners held the second face-to-face meeting in Brno, Czech Republic on May 9-10 to reflect and discuss the next steps of the initiative.

In recent months, the Instituto P. Antonio Vieira de Portugal (IPAV), the Tomillo Foundation, the SM Foundation and Artevio have joined forces to launch three proposals before the end of 2022: a book, a manual and a digital platform.

The goal is to share the success of the project, but more importantly, to create new resources and adapt materials that will allow for future replication of the project as well as build an online tool that unites the entire Ubuntu United Nations community.

This meeting also provided an opportunity to get to know the entire team and improve the communication and planning flow of the project, getting all members on the same page.

Ubuntu United Nations is a global program developed by the Ubuntu Leaders Academy and is funded by the Erasmus Plus – Youth in Action Agency. The goal is to train a new generation of leaders around the world based on the Ubuntu philosophy – “I am because you are”.
“I am because you are”.