Sustainability Actions 2022 Award

The Tomillo Foundation‘s “Vocational Guidance” project has been awarded by CompromisoRSE and Equipos y Talento with the Sustainability Actions 2022 Award at Sustainability Day 22.

“Vocational Guidance”, a project that cuts across all of Tomillo’s programs, is based on the premise that if we are to achieve our goals, we need to be able toach young person finds his or her vocation, what interests him or her, what moves him or her… he or she will be able to develop autonomously. Through a personalized analysis of the reality and needs of each young person, promoting the knowledge of their motivations to turn their vocation into a learning lever that will help them make decisions for their personal and professional development.. The success is all of the students and the counselors who carry it out.

The Sustainability Actions awards aim to highlight the importance of moving decisively towards a more sustainable and just society, as well as to make visible the importance of the different institutional, economic and social agents working together in this direction, since the challenge ahead of us is enormous and concerns us all.