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Telefónica volunteers bring agile methodologies to vocational training students

Students of FP of Computer Science are trained in Agile frameworks: AgilízaT thanks to volunteers from Telefónica. The project brings students closer to these methodologies applied in work environments, offering a plus of motivation and actuality to their training and improving their employability profile.

Agile methodologies also help to improve the quality of the students’ learning process thanks to teamwork, the division of roles and frequent meetings that minimize the possibility of failure by allowing errors to be detected and corrections to be made during the development of the learning process.

Within the framework of the project, an immersive training is designed and carried out to motivate and train teachers on the use of Scrum and Kanban, their roles, artifacts and ceremonies. This training is complemented by a series of motivational videos with real testimonials of use elaborated and edited by volunteers ready to be used in the classroom and the mentoring or shadowing of the teaching team for its implementation.

Once students are familiar with agile methodologies, they will receive from the volunteers a series of challenges for them to simulate the development of a product using the knowledge acquired. Finally, each team of students will present their final product to a panel of judges made up of the rest of the students and volunteers.

The main innovation of the project lies both in the use of agile methodologies and in their transfer from business to educational environments. The use of these methodologies in the classroom allows for greater dynamism in educational programming, prepares students for incorporation into the current labor market with high levels of uncertainty and develops teamwork, the development of creativity and learning, time management, etc.