The Alliance for Inclusive Digital Talent is born in Madrid

On February 25, the “First Meeting for the Alliance for Inclusive Digital Talent in Madrid” was held in Madrid , promoted by the Tomillo Foundation and the Factoría F5 Association with the aim of bringing training and employment opportunities in the digital field to socially disadvantaged people.

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Future Proof Your Career Project Information

  • The digital sector accounts for 26% of the job offers demanded in Spain. In Madrid the percentage rises to 37%. *1
  • Madrid is the leading technological city in Spain, accounting for 45.8% of the total. *2 of technology jobs to be filled.
  • The alliance invites companies, public administrations and social entities to join the initiative with a double social and economic objective.

*1 and 2 Source: Infojobs, Tecnoempleo and Ticjob Nov 21 – Feb 22.

The Alliance for Inclusive Digital Talent in Madrid is born with the aim of commitment to make available to people in situations of vulnerabilitywith special attention to the gender gap, the development of digital competencies, through quality training programs adapted to the needs of this group.The systematic collaboration between technology companies, public administration and social and educational entities will allow to expand training and employment opportunities for young people of this profile in the Community of Madrid.This first meeting consisted of a working day between companies, public administrations and the social sector on the trends and demands of the labor market, which is in great need of developing professionals linked to programming and digitization, together with how to promote the vocation and development of digital skills among people in vulnerable situations.The fight against the “digital divide” is at the heart of this alliance that seeks to make the digital revolution fairer, more inclusive and sustainable. It is a challenge of the first magnitude, at the global and European level, which also requires a response at the territorial level.The event began with the intervention of Carmen García de Andrés, President of Fundación Tomillo, Guillaume Thureau, President of Factoría F5 and Mr. José María Meneses, Manager of the Employment Agency of the Madrid City Council.Carmen García de Andrés highlighted: “Our efforts are aimed at creating quality employment opportunities for young people in vulnerable situations in sectors that generate employment, such as the digital sector. Madrid is the first technological city in Spain and as such absorbs almost half of the technological jobs and this means opportunities for people, without previous technological knowledge, to orient their lives within an enormously dynamic sector full of possibilities for professional development and growth.”For his part, Guillaume Thureau pointed out that “The Community of Madrid represents half of the unfilled technological positions in Spain. Therefore, today is the starting point of a new alliance that brings together the strength of companies, public administrations and third sector organizations. It is a challenge for everyone because Diverse Digital Talent is the key to a more inclusive and sustainable technological society”.Marta Castillo, Director of Studies and Social Innovation at Fundación Tomillo, then presented the “Future Proof Your Career (FYC)” project, a transnational project funded by the EU under the Erasmus + Program, made up of third sector entities and research centers from six countries. The project, developed between 2019 and 2022, develops a future employment framework identifying the cross-cutting skills needed to ensure the sustainable employment of socially disadvantaged people. Within the framework of the reflections of this project, the starting point is a very dynamic labor market with progressive automation in many processes and occupations undergoing profound transformation or at risk of disappearing. This opens up an opportunity for training and retraining in digital knowledge and skills, which cannot be separated from basic personal and relational skills, essential for any future occupation.On behalf of Fundación Telefónica, Carmen López Ordóñez, Head of the Employment Map and Virtual Career Counselor at Fundación Telefónica, analyzed the employability possibilities in this sector in Spain.Elena Díaz-Alejo, President of the Talent Committee at Ametic, and Belén Murillo, HR Manager at Mercury Trade Finance Solutions S.L., also spoke from the same perspective, that of employment and the needs that companies have for these new professionals.Representing the public administrations, Santos Tejón, Councilor for Economic Promotion, Employment, Tourism and Local Commerce of the City of Gijón, and Pablo Vázquez, Director of Madrid Futuro, contributed their perspective, which combines social issues with digitalization and modernization of the economy.Throughout the morning, the problems faced by the different social organizations dedicated to training were also studied in a transversal way in all the sectors involved, starting with Fundación Tomillo and continuing with Roberto Garcia of Peñascal Kooperatiba and Antonio Mengual Don Bosco Foundation, who contributed the perspective of other territories of the Spanish state.The day ended with the reading of a Manifesto in favor of Inclusive Digital Talent in Madrid, to which companies, public administrations and social entities were invited to join. We will soon report on the progress of this Alliance.