The Community of Madrid visits Orienta+ project

The Community of Madrid visited Tomillo’s headquarters yesterday to learn first-hand about the comprehensive guidance modelthat the entity is working on within the framework of the Orienta+ project: sharing innovative routes for young people in vulnerable situations. . At this meeting, the team from the Department of Family, Youth and Social Affairs responsible for monitoring the Orienta+ project had the opportunity to learn about the work being done and to tour the different areas where the Tomillo intervention is taking place.

After the welcome, the modeling team was in charge of explaining the fundamental principles of the Tomillo intervention model, whose main focus is person-centered guidance and accompaniment. Afterwards, the visitors were able to attend several formal training classes, where they shared impressions with the students and teachers and saw how the experiential learning applied by Tomillo works.

Following the visit, the representatives of the Community of Madrid learned about the support provided to entrepreneurs and had the opportunity to talk to one of them, Ángela Perea, whose project ( and life history did not leave anyone indifferent and revealed the opportunities that are generated from the organization for a positive professional and personal outcome.

The itinerary ended with speeches by Ángel Serrano, General Director of the Tomillo Foundation, and Marta Martínez, Director of Socio-educational Programs, who explained the origin and history of the organization and ended with a round-robin tour. In the words of Elena Font López, Head of Service of the Innovation Area of the Department of Family, Youth and Social Affairs: “Orienta+ has a vision of great globality (…) From the initial accompaniment to how you work the link with the person…. The learning of practical tools oriented to have a good job opportunity, the systemic approach to support families and the environment, the networking… How you work from the perspective of the helping relationship and from the perspective of fostering in the people who come to you the belief that they are capable, that they can achieve success. It’s incredible.

After this visit, in Tomillo we continue working on the Orienta+ project. This March will be dedicated to the development of cycle 3 of the modeling, in order to finalize this process before the summer and start a new and exciting phase after the summer vacations.