The Tomillo Foundation supports immigrant entrepreneurs in Madrid and Andalusia.

  • In 2019 Tomillo Foundation accompanied 466 entrepreneurs, of whom 64 were foreigners. Also, 51 new businesses were opened.
  • The Entrepreneurship and Integration Program includes free individualized support services, training, advice on accessing financing and mentoring.

The Tomillo Foundation continues to support and accompany non-European Union immigrants who want to start a business and obtain stable and continuous employment. Those who wish to participate must have a NIE as an identification document that allows them to reside in Spain. This program called Entrepreneurship and Integration is financed by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security, Directorate General for Integration and Humanitarian Assistance and the European Social Fund.

Entrepreneurs receive support through a feasibility study of their projects, focusing on the individual, his or her resources, needs, skills and talents, in order to advise them on the implementation and consolidation of their initiatives. It also includes motivational activities, training, counseling and visits to other businesses to facilitate the consolidation of their business plans.

Among the free services offered by the Tomillo Foundation for entrepreneurs, either recently created or with businesses that are already underway, are the following:

  • Individualized advice.
  • Access to financing.
  • Training.
  • Support for the growth of existing businesses.
  • Registration of the business project at the PAE point (Point of Attention to the Entrepreneur) to register with the Tax Authorities and Social Security and advice on the tax obligations of entrepreneurs.
  • Advice on immigration matters for obtaining a work permit.
  • Personalized mentoring when the project is already underway. It consists of receiving the support of a mentor or an experienced entrepreneur to accompany the entrepreneur in the first year of operation of his or her business. With this program, very positive results have been obtained: 80% have consolidated their business with an 80% survival rate after 3 years.

For more than 37 years, Tomillo Foundation has been supporting people in vulnerable situations who wish to start a business. Its programs are aimed at people under 35 years of age, immigrants, the unemployed or entrepreneurs with social projects.

Here are some data for 2019:

  • 466 entrepreneurs were assisted, of which 64 were foreigners.
  • 51 new businesses opened
  • 61% of open businesses are still operating after 3 years.

In addition, Fundación Tomillo belongs to the international network Youth Business International as a local partner of Youth Business Spain. She was awarded the 2016 Princess of Girona Foundation Award for her long career in addressing inclusion, from the earliest stages of labor integration to entrepreneurship. And the Mentoring Network of Spain has awarded it the Recognition for Best Social Mentoring Practice 2017.

All the entrepreneurs who have taken part in the Tomillo Foundation’s programs value this social support positively, as they consider it vital for the creation of their projects. They feel supported, confident and motivated to be able to create their businesses and have a way out in the labor market.

To learn more about the Tomillo Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Program visit this page: