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Tomillo F5, Madrid’s first digital and inclusive school, now online

At the end of 2019, Tomillo F5, the first inclusive, supportive and digital school in Madrid, opened its doors thanks to the Tomillo Foundation, Incorpora and Factoría F5, an initiative that aims to put digital at the service of society.

Following the measures taken against Covid-19, the school has made a temporary change to its work methodology and continues with its training activity, now 100% online.

In this way, the different training blocks continue to be taught online through different group work and project management tools, and supported by the different sites and specialist chats that the school makes available to students.

In addition, the masterclasses and pedagogical projects will be developed according to the planned schedule, online of course, and individual tutorials have been reinforced in order to be able to follow more closely the evolution of the participants in the fullstack web development training, which is the one currently being taught.

Creating job opportunities through technological training.

The 700 hours of theoretical training that students receive is complemented by training in socio-personal skills, non-working internships in companies and masterclasses with experts in the sector. In addition, through the Tomillo Foundation and the Incorpora program, all participants who successfully complete their training will receive personalized support in their search for employment and subsequent insertion into the labor market.

Tomillo F5 is a project co-funded by JPMorgan and the Incorpora program of Obra Social “la Caixa”. It also has the support of the Madrid City Council.