40 years accompanying young people to enhance their growth and employability

Tomillo Foundation at the 5th Pensadero Conference

Tomillo Pansy Day Poster

Last November, the 5th Jornada Pensadero was held, organized by Fundación Promaestro, a space for debate and reflection among teachers and professors in which we share educational practices for discussion and validation.

Teachers from Spain and Latin America met to share educational practices in favor of inclusion. In this way, we contribute to building a professional learning community based on shared knowledge and the search for evidence about our practice.

Undoubtedly a great experience that contributes to ensuring inclusive, equitable and quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Here you can see the intervention of Elisa Goñi, Pedagogical Coordinator of Fundación Tomillo, presenting Itinerario+ (A model of integral socio-educational intervention):

“Itinerario+ is a socio-educational project that breaks the division between formal and non-formal education from four fundamental pillars: the development of personal and professional competencies, comprehensive projects, evaluation for learning and personalized accompaniment. It aims to make the young people who go through it more social-emotionally competent, employable and have a life plan that allows them to make informed decisions about their future. Itinerario+ seeks a balance between the educational, social and professional approach, as we believe that we cannot work only from the educational field what is not purely educational.

Thus, Itinerario+ is an intersection of the educational, the social and the occupational. Itinerario+ is currently being implemented with students in basic vocational training, but its pillars can certainly be implemented in any socio-educational and professional context”.

Sonia Selas, Guidance Counselor of the Tomillo Foundation, in her presentation on vocational guidance in vocational training:

“The Vocational Guidance project was created with the aim of promoting in young people the ability to build a satisfactory life plan with respect to their professional and personal projects, allowing them to take advantage of their own resources as a driving force to develop a path that will lead them to academic achievement and a satisfactory future labor insertion. It is based on developing self-knowledge, knowledge of the environment and identification of vocations and interests so that they can make conscious decisions”.

During the event, 27 good educational practices were presented, related to issues such as education in vulnerable contexts, learning difficulties, labor market insertion, absenteeism, repetition and student motivation.

You can see all the videos, presentations and the practical dossier at
5th Pensadero Conference.