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Training of Trainers Meeting of Ubuntu Spain Leading Academies

Ubuntu Spain, an initiative promoted by Tomillo Foundation together with Fundación SM, in collaboration with
Instituto Padre Antonio Vieira de Portugal (IPAV)
The first face-to-face meeting for the Training of Trainers of Leading Ubuntu Academies in Spain was held.

The meeting, held from March 7 to 10 in Madrid, aims to share the Ubuntu philosophy among the participants, to introduce its conceptual and methodological framework and, secondly, to undertake the training of new leaders so that they can become part of the Ubuntu Spain team.

During the conference we were fortunate to have the participation of Rui Marques, President of IPAV since 2005 and Director of the Ubuntu Leadership Academies.
Ubuntu Leaders Academies
. We took the opportunity to hear first-hand what the essence of the Ubuntu philosophy is all about.

The word Ubuntu, of South African origin, means “I am because you are”, determining a relationship of interdependence in the relationship with other people and in the personal development of individuals. The development of this sensitivity towards the other and personal empowerment reinforces the active role and involvement of young people in a more diverse and inclusive society .

The Ubuntu philosophy aims to train youth and educators in three fundamental aspects: the ethics of care, bridge building and servant leadership.

The Ubuntu method develops five pillars:

  • Self-knowledge is the first step for a true transformation that requires a realistic awareness of our potential and limitations.
  • Self-confidence to be able to reject discourses of resignation and victimization.
  • Resilience to transform obstacles into opportunities.
  • Empathy by becoming aware that we become more human when we approach and allow ourselves to be completed by the other.
  • Service to commit to improving reality.

How can you participate in the Ubuntu Leaders Academy Spain?

The Ubuntu Leaders Academy Spain is a non-formal education program aimed at two participant profiles: young people over 18 years of age and professionals who work with young people or want to work with them .

The objective is to facilitate, enrich and consolidate the development of each participant as a leader to be at the service of his or her community.

Join the Ubuntu Leaders Academy Spain and meet other young people who also want to contribute to improving the world!

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Beatriz, Labor Intermediary: “For me, getting to know the Ubuntu methodology has been to understand the basis of a philosophy of life, a way of acting and looking at the world that totally fits with what I live day by day in Tomillo and also with my personal view. An optimistic vision in the face of adversity, conviction that life has a meaning, knowing how to see the greatness of people, trusting that each one of us has the necessary internal resources to achieve what we set out to do, in short, a transformational vision of BEING”.

Marta, Technician in Social Studies and Innovation: “I never thought that such a short training could generate so many varied emotions and such an intense sense of community as it did, even among colleagues who had barely worked together. It certainly plants a little seed in you and leaves you wanting to keep going. The five pillars of Ubuntu (self-knowledge, self-confidence, resilience, empathy and service) are fundamental for any person, but also for any organization that wants to “humanize” its processes. Sometimes, organizations get lost in the day-to-day, in the need for immediacy and we lose the perspective of caring for ourselves and others. That is why letting these pillars “soak us” as an organization can help us to improve as an entity and as a community. I am because you are!

“When the history of our times is written, will we be remembered

as the generation

that turned its back on an era of global crisis or as the generation that did the right thing?

Nelson Mandela