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VET in Action: Proposals for socio-educational equity

Meeting of experts to analyze the challenges and opportunities for innovation in vocational training

Tomillo Foundation organizes next March 17 the virtual meeting ‘FP in Action: Proposals for socio-educational equity’, an initiative that is part of its commitment to further progress in the training of young people from disadvantaged groups.

During this meeting, the study ‘FP Now: Analysis on the construction of competencies in Basic and Intermediate Vocational Training’ will be presented.
FP Now: Analysis of the construction of competencies in Basic and Intermediate Level Vocational Training’.
This research, promoted by the Tomillo Foundation thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, has analyzed the current circumstances of vocational training centers in Spain, their teaching difficulties and also their contributions for improvement, as well as the characteristics of these students and their special needs, not only for technical training, but above all for improving their personal and social skills, which have been shown to have a transcendental influence on their academic performance and subsequent professional and social integration.

The event will feature two round tables, the first of which will analyze the main challenges in the field of education. Opportunities for Innovation and Inclusion in Vocational Education and Training’, while the second one will focus on the Inspiring initiatives beyond the formal’, in which representatives of some of the most innovative projects being carried out in this field of education will take part.