40 years accompanying young people to enhance their growth and employability

VET students getting closer to the reality of the labor market

During the month of February, we held orientation sessions for students in the 2nd year of Basic Vocational Training. The objective is to make them aware of their competency profile and familiarize them with the selection processes they will encounter when they enter the labor market.

For this purpose, we counted on the participation of individual and corporate volunteers from the “Lights and Action” project of Iberdrola and of Cushman & WakefieldIn order to offer this experience to all the target students, more than 100 young people, to reproduce as faithfully as possible a mock interview with the two most common types of interviews in personnel selection processes.

First, a group dynamic was carried out, providing personalized feedback to each student. Secondly, individual interviews were carried out, also offering them feedback after the interviews and the opportunity for a second interview with another interviewer in which the aspects initially identified could be put into play. This translated into better results as they were able to identify and be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.

The day ended with various motivational testimonials to encourage young people not to give up in the face of possible difficulties that may arise and to find what motivates them to continue training and advancing in their professional careers.